Call us today at +1.(330)948-8946.

​​​​​​​​​​You're invited to a Charity Auction hosted by Harold R. Farnsworth
to benefit Morning Star Farm Ministries on Thursday, August 23 at 4:00pm 

*9241 Friendsville Rd. Seville, OH  44273!       

         How can you help?​​

•Donate or consign items of value
Items donated or consigned items of larger value should be received by Thursday, Aug. 9th for photos and advertisement by the Auctioneer!

•Attend the Auction at The Farm* "

•Spend a pleasant evening by the lake - not just bidding - but a fun evening (come early!)

•Volunteer to be a "Partner of MSFM" to help this day (and others...)

•Learn about GOOD things happening at our events & Kids' Camps.

•Proceeds to help MSFM "Red, White, & Blue Campaign" to erase our land debt and for outreach like Kids' Camps.

Please contact Terry Bower at 330-310-4746 if you have items to donate, or if you'd like to consign items. Some (local area) items can be picked up by us.  Smaller valued items and box lots of items can be brought the day of the sale by 2:00pm.  Thank you for considering!