​​​​Ways to Donate

  • You may donate securely online by clicking the tab.

  • You may mail your donation directly to Morning Star Farm Ministries, notating -  Red, White & Blue Project, and choice of level of giving.

  • You may E-mail or call Morning Star Farm Ministries at: morningstarfarmministries@gmail.com or you may speak directly to Terry at 330.948.8946 or his mobile number 330.310.4746.

Thank you for Considering!

If you have more specific questions or would like more information, please contact MSFM. We are happy to help you understand our goal. 

We at MSFM consider it a deep privilege to partner with you for the cause of Christ!  Come out to MSFM to experience what the Lord is doing!

Morning Star Farm Ministries, Inc.

Your Board of Directors

Terry Bower, Ivan Lambert, Shaun Martin, Pastor Joe Williams, Barb Prough, Gary Burroway, McKee Stewart.


   & BLUE


How Can You as Christ’s People and MSFM Partners Help?


By choosing a level (Red, White, Blue, Bronze, Silver, or Gold) of giving throughout 2017.  When you pray and decide the level to give, it will be for the remainder of 2017.

Levels of Giving


Red        $225   (all and/or pledge)

White      $300   (all and/or pledge)

Blue       $450   (all and/or pledge)

Bronze   $750   (all and/or pledge)

Silver     $1000 (all and/or pledge)

Gold       $1500 (all and/or pledge)

Other     ____    (all and/or pledge)


Your funds toward the RWB Project are designated to the loan reduction only and will be completed by MSFM monthly for all funds received.  If you are already a monthly or regular donor (partner), please allow those funds to continue toward our monthly budget. 


After nine years of ministry history, we are really beginning to see the fruits of our efforts and God’s blessings. 


Partner with another family, if you’d like – and please pray often for our 2017 campaign. All donations, regardless of amount, are appreciated. 


UP-TO-DATE % of our $59,000 GOAL will be made available to Active Partners at anytime.  Please request by e-mail or by calling Terry at 330-310-4746.  Our Morning Star Farm Prayer Watch group will receive periodic updates, so sign up if not currently receiving our "prayer watch."

Goal:  To be debt-free
             by 12/31/2017!

The USA Olympic Team again achieved First Place (46 Gold and 121 Total Medals) at Rio 2016.  You, too, can be the BEST ambassadors for Christ by joining the "Red, White, & Blue Team - 2017."  



Call us today at +1.(330)948-8946.